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WLS and the hidden things no one tells you can happen... [Dec. 18th, 2006|02:52 pm]
WLS Nutritional Support
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Single chic risk assessment chart for shopping the protein drink isle alone.

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Follow up to this post from my LJ from yesterday...

Went out shopping late this afternoon cause I'm on a mission for a new Caboodle cause mine is exploding with Revlon flavor and I had a gift card so why not. So anyway's I'm checking out the new protein drinks and some guy on the next side over checking out condoms asks me if I want to go to dinner with him. I'm like... Call me crazy here but if your going to ask a complete stranger out you might not want to be holding a box of condoms at the time. Kinda makes the girl think you jumping the gun there a bit but hey that's just me. This is the second time something weird has happened to me by protein drinks. I'm starting to see a pattern here a sort of semi creepy, semi flattering, semi weird-ness, occurs near a protein isle it's like the Bermuda Triangle of a shopping center. It's like pads, condoms, and protein drinks are the three points and if you get caught in their triangle your doomed for some unexplained life phenomenon.